Enthusiastic software developer with a passion to excel and able to deliver strong results. Currently specialises in backend development, although comfortable across various layers of the stack. Solid background in client-facing and management positions.


  • Master of Science in Applied Math, 2011;
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2009;
  • Diploma of Interpreter from English into Russian in 2011 (with excellence).


Ann Arbor, MI

Nokia is a global leader in creating computer network technologies.

Software Engineer

Dec, 2018 - till now

Berlin, Germany

Real-time conversation analytics and coaching. i2x helps sales and customer support teams to excel at their job. For management, i2x provides insights into company-specific best practices, team performance and is a platform to test new communication strategies. For agents, i2x is a digital coach that empowers sales and customer support agents to learn from their previous customer interactions and the overall team's experience.

Backend Software Developer

Jun, 2017 - Nov, 2018

The GRFC operates to perform organizational and technical work to ensure proper use of radio frequencies and radio frequency channels, radio electronic facilities and civilian use of high-frequency devices, conduct technical evaluations within its core work areas and participate in providing government services.

Software Developer

Apr, 2016 - Mar, 2017

  • contributed to the front- & backend development of the internal web applications that facilitated business processes, brought structural changes to the department and improved a number of KPIs;
  • refactored crucial parts of the legacy codebase, made the code cleaner, well-documented and more manageable;
  • collaborated closely with the project manager, analytics and Q&A teams to plan new features' design & implementation during scrum activities;
  • invited to take on more responsibility to coordinate work of the dev team; enhanced structure and predictability of the dev process;
  • researched ways to streamline the SysAdmin & DevOps processes, planned to introduce Docker and Ansible to the project.

The 2014 Olympics and Paralympics were the first Winter Games ever hosted in Russia. Actions took place everywhere: from the Black Sea coast to the Krasnaya Polyana mountains. That was a joyful experience - working in a multicultural, multilingual and fast-paced environment. I was a member of the Rate Card team at the Main Press Center and my job was to help journalists from the leading press agencies to have their work done by ensuring that their technology and infrastructure needs are fullfilled.

RateCard Manager

Jan, 2014 - May, 2014

  • ensured timely provision of pre-ordered Rate Card services and goods worth $3.5M needed during the Games (technology, vehicles, furniture) to more than 200 customers: accredited press agencies, broadcasters, National Olympic Committees and partners;
  • ensured accurate execution of games-time orders worth $300K (validation, fulfilment, delivery and removal) working directly with logistics, technology and transportation teams;
  • achieved >90% customer satisfaction rate among leading press agencies (Associated Press, Thomson Reuters, Getty Images, etc.) while running Rate Card Service desk at the Main Press Center during the games under stress and tough deadlines;
  • managed a team of 5 volunteers;
  • secured timely deposit returns to customers working closely with finance and accounting teams after the games;
  • received a commendation for the overall performance.

Moscow, Russia

ATON is Russia’s oldest independent investment group. I was engaged in opening of its contact center - first as a specialist that deals with day-to-day customer inquiries about brokerage accounts and mutual funds and then as a mentor and a department’s deputy manager to set things going flawlessly.

Contact Center Senior Specialist

Oct, 2010 - Dec, 2013

  • recruited, developed and mentored a team of 25 specialists to become effective in customer service, problem solving and cross-selling skills which resulted in their further promotion within the company;
  • backed up contact center head’s functions (planning, controlling, operational management, statistics handling) safely whenever required;
  • created and implemented training program for new employees which improved overall performance and reduced the period needed for new staff to be put on the hotline by 30%.
Contact Center Specialist

Nov, 2010 - Oct, 2011

  • successfully solved customer issues related to company’s services (brokerage on Moscow Exchange and mutual funds) via phone, e-mail and Skype constantly exceeding company’s customer service standards;
  • was named 'Best employee of the month' several times;
  • promoted to senior specialist after one year.

Manpower provided outstaffing services for Citibank’s army of direct sales agents back then. Hardcore sales of credit cards was a routine job. These were fantastic several months: tough and stressed but rewarding.

Direct Sales Specialist

Jul, 2007 - Nov, 2007

  • sold Citibank banking products and services (personal loans, credit cards, insurance plans) being among top-performers
  • exceeded personal sales quota by 50%


  • Python
  • Django/Flask/Tornado frameworks
  • C/C++
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • Nginx
  • Linux (Fedora/Ubuntu)
  • AWS
  • Git